They say we live in a "connected' world these days, so there is nothing worse than having no connection. If your internet goes down, or your network starts acting up, and you can't connect to your email, the server, the web sites you need to get to, or you keep getting dropped from your wireless connection, your frustration goes through the roof and your productivity through the floor.

BVT Services has been working with networks since 1997. We learned all the technology as it became available and continue to learn as new things come out. We have deployed wireless networks which literally span multiple towns in the Northeast Kingdom and cover hundreds of square miles. We have knowledge of all the makers and brands of gear, including Cisco, and can get your network working for you instead of against you.

Having speed issues? Random drops? Can't always get to a server or computer you need to? Does a printer you need to print to keep dropping off the network? We can fix that. Whether you need troubleshooting, optimization, or want a complete overhaul or upgrade, we can do it.

Give us a call and see how we can get your network working right.