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Log Into Secure Webmail

Log Into Secure Webmail on a Mobile Device

Our mail server is compatable with any mail program which can make a secure connection (so any mail program since 1997). With the correct settings you will be working in no time.

Our mail server does not offer automatic configuration (which most devices try to do first these days). Switch to manual configuration and put in the following information:

      Incoming Mail Server: mail.bvtsvc.com
      Outgoing Mail Server: mail.bvtsvc.com
      Incoming Mail Port: 993
      Outgoing Mail Port: 587
      Username: Your Email Address
      Password: Whatever we emailed you or told you on the phone when we or your site administrator setup your email account

You will have a "security" type on both the incoming and outgoing mail server settings. You WILL have SSL as an option, but you may have SSL/TLS as an option. SSL/TLS is the best option, but if you do not have that one, set it to SSL for both the incoming and outgoing connections.
Important Note: If you only have SSL as an option, you may also have to change the OUTGOING port to 465 (insteead of 587) to get things to work.

You will also need to check the box that says your "Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication" and tell it to use the same settings as your incoming mail server. It will either be an option or you will have to put your username and password in again.

That is everything you need from us! Any other questions it asks is purely for your preferences. The settings above will get you connected to your email!

As always, if you have any issues please give us a call or email us on a device that works or use the webmail link to the left. If your password fails, please try your username and password combination in our webmail. If it works there then it will work in your email program.